Building A Motorized Bicycle

I’m sure you’ve seen them zipping around town. They look like fun, right? You may have seen some for sale too, but half of the fun is building your own! If you build it you can customize it to your liking and they make great father & son projects.

Let’s start with the heart of the project, the engine kit. Unless you are looking for serious speeds or longer commutes I would stick with a 2 stroke kit like this one. The kit comes with everything you need to make your bike a gas-powered good time. In this build, I added an aluminum head and covers like these to make my kit stand out from the rest.

These kits are designed to go on almost any bike so you can use a bike you currently have or you can buy a frame that has a built-in gas tank. A frame like this really makes a difference in the finished look of your build. I wanted my build to be unique and have a custom look, so I opted to buy the frame and build the entire project. An added benefit of these frames is they are aluminum and very lightweight. They also have built in mounts for the motor since they are made just for this purpose.

I wanted custom wheels for my custom bike build so I looked around for just the right wheels. I was surprised by how many options there were, but I chose these wheels. They came with the sprocket attached and the hub bolts needed which made them a good choice for me.

I ordered the rest of the necessary parts such as the forks, headset, handlebars, seat post, etc. All of these parts are based on preference so choose what you like and do not be intimidated. You got this! Many people choose forks that have a suspension for a softer ride, I did not. If I had one regret that would be it. Also, be sure to choose a seat that is comfortable. I chose this banana seat because I really like the look.

Once you have received your key parts, assemble the bike like you would an ordinary bicycle. It makes things easier to mount the motor at the end.

At this point, I could ride the bike around like any other bike. It was a good feeling of accomplishment and I loved watching the project come together. However, it was time to make this the motorized madness that it was intended to be so I got busy mounting the motor. In order to keep noise and vibration down, I used 1/8″ rubber mat that I cut into pieces between each mounting point. It made a HUGE difference.

Once I got the motor mounted it was smooth sailing. I installed a petcock and fuel line, a plug and plug wire, put my grips on, and installed my brakes. This was a learning experience for both me and my son. It was a project we are both sure to remember and a memory that will last. If you decide to build one I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Happy building!