Makita Quiet Series Air Compressor MAC210Q

Makita has finally launched their Quiet Series line of compressors. Makita is well known for making some of the most durable tools around. They are the go-to brand for many contractors and professionals. Quiet compressors have been around for several years now, but how does Makita stack up against the competition in this market?

This particular model is the Makita MAC210Q. It’s a 2 gallon, 60db compressor and weighs in at about 48 pounds. Right out of the box you can tell it is built to last, it is surrounded by a protective roll cage which prevents damage to the working components on a job site. You can find lighter compressors in the quiet technology market, but they do not have the caged protection Makita offers. Also, you could choose the 1 gallon option to reduce some of the weight.

So far I am very pleased with the MAC210Q and love using it for indoor projects. Fill time is less than a minute and the 2 gallon tank keeps it from running constantly. Check out the video below for the unboxing and a fill time test.