A Tablet For Your Car Audio

This 9th Gen Chevy Impala had everything I wanted except the upgraded radio package. I couldn’t even Bluetooth music through this radio which was a real bummer. I looked into adding the factory radio upgrade and was shell shocked by the price tag. Aftermarket radios were not a viable option either because of the shallow design. So, I came up with an alternative that is simple and affordable. You don’t have to be stuck with that ugly stock radio!

I took a quick measurement of the space I had to work with and looked around for tablets that fit my needs. I decided to go with the Samsung 7″ Galaxy Tab, but I’ve had my iPad mini there a few times and it looks pretty good too. The tablet looks like it belongs there and gives me every feature I could possibly want or need. I used a Spinido magnetic cell phone holder to mount it and it works great.

I used this aux adapter with Bluetooth to sync the tablet for audio and video with my factory radio. I could have hidden the adapter in my console, but I elected not to so I can use it to easily answer calls. Now I can Bluetooth all my music, watch videos, and even browse the web or use google maps when traveling. I simply connect to my hotspot on my phone and I have internet access on the go.

It would have cost me well over $1000 to upgrade to a mylink radio, this project came in at about $170. So, I saved a ton of cash and have more features and I couldn’t be happier.