Custom RGB Anyone Can Do

Giving your PC a custom look doesn’t have to break the bank. In this project, we used inexpensive products to achieve a fresh custom style, and gave an older PC new life.

We used acrylic sheet and some vinyl decals to make this awesome RGB back plate. A cricut maker was used to cut our decals, but you can make your own with masking tape and a little patience. Also, there are many inexpensive decal makers available online. Just make sure you have a sharp hobby knife and you’re good to go.

After we had our decals ready we cut our acrylic sheet by scoring it with a hobby knife. Use something with a straight edge to get a perfect cut. After you’ve scored it a couple times, you can just lay it flat on a hard surface with the scored edge overhanging, push down and it will break at the cut line. Don’t forget to measure before you scoring your sheet.

We placed our decals on the acrylic where we wanted them, then test fit the piece to make sure we didn’t need any final trimming.

After test fitting, I took a scuff pad and scuffed the entire back of the piece. This will help diffuse the light and give a much nicer appearance when lit. I used flat black paint to cover the entire front of the piece (spraying or foam rolling works best). I carefully peeled off the decals using the edge of my hobby knife to get it started and moved on to ideas for lighting the project.

You can use this inexpensive kit that is powered via USB, just cut the excess at the cut line pictured below.

Whatever RGB kit you decide to buy, you will likely have considerable excess. Don’t throw it away! You can use it for other projects later. Just buy some RGB connectors & wire.

If you have RGB headers or a hub, you can use 3 or 4 pin wires to connect the lights directly. Otherwise, you will need a controller like the one in the kit linked above, or this one pictured below.

Keep in mind that most of these controllers don’t come with a power supply, so if you go this route you will need one. I keep several of these universal power supplies around so I can use them for various projects.

This is a fairly simple project that you can do to add style to your PC case or components. You can make custom GPU backplates or even SSD plates. The final results are stunning and worth the little effort taken. Stay tuned for a full video project guide!