Handmade Copper Roses

Nothing says I love you like a forever flower, and these DIY copper roses are the perfect gift. This is a straight forward project that anyone can do!

The first thing you will need is some dead soft copper sheet, I recommend 12×6 sheets between 28-34 gauge. This is what you will make your petals and leaves from. You will also need some 4AWG solid bare copper wire to make your stems.

Once you have your supplies you are ready to get started. You will need to print this template. Cut out each piece in the template and arrange them on your copper sheet (they should all fit on one sheet). Use a sharpie to trace each piece carefully so you can begin cutting them out.

You can use aviation snips or tin snips to cut these out. However, I prefer to use a pair of titanium bonded scissors like these. Carefully cut out each piece, there are sharp edges! Once you have each piece cut the lines between each petal, remember to stop at the edge of each circle marking the center. Use a flathead screwdriver, a chisel, or a small pry tool to give detail to your pieces. When you’re done they should look something like this.

You will need a hole punched through the center of each piece. You can use a punch for this, or you can use the scissors like I did. After your holes are all punched you will need to start your buildup, start with your leaf. I used maximum bond krazy glue to bond my leaf and I let it set up for a few minutes before adding my other pieces.

Once you have your pieces all glued up, use pliers to shape your petals. You want to curl the ends and bend them as they would be in nature. I used needle-nose pliers to curl the ends of the petals down and away from the center.

You can also check out the full video tutorial below.