Remove Rust Stains – EASY

This particular rust stain is on concrete. However, this method works on vinyl siding, gutters, tools, and more!

I have several outdoor benches that leave this type of stain on my patio. For this demonstration, I used a piece of untreated steel to simulate the worst case scenario. This way I can show just how easy and well this method works. Now, let’s get to it.

The product you need is OAD, you can find it here. The key to using this product is to mix it with water and ensure whatever you are treating stays wet during the treatment process. In this particular scenario, I sprinkled some OAD on the concrete and used my garden hose to wet the area. I then used a brush to lightly agitate the area. Approximately 85-90 percent of the stain was removed in seconds. However, treating the area where the steel was in direct contact with the concrete required a second application.

Apply your second application and let the OAD sit to work for 25-30 minutes, if it’s a hot sunny day, ensure you keep the area wet. Lightly brush the area and rinse. It’s that simple! I have tried numerous products to treat rust over the years and this method is the best I have found by far. Check out the final result below.